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Are you maximising revenue from every SKU?

Did you know 60% of Google Shopping orders generate a loss*

Graphic depicting different products requiring different bids

* Based on the results of Bidnamic's data analysis of hundreds of ecommerce retailers

Best practice for manual bid management often suggests grouping SKUs together.

Whether that's by:

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Grouping your SKUs uses average values, so no matter how you group them, you will always be under- or overbidding.


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Bidnamic technology treats every SKU uniquely

Each SKU has its own 'true' bid value - an exact price that captures the click at the right cost for your business.

bullet-tick Precise conversion ratebullet-tick SKU-level CPC
bullet-tick Accurate margin      bullet-tick Granular AOV

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Maximising revenue and profitability

Precision bidding for every SKU allows you to regain complete control over performance and each search term.

bullet-tick Granular bidding
bullet-tick SKU-level analysis

bullet-tick Unique sweet spot
bullet-tick Maximum potential profit

Bidnamic provides complete transparency and control on every SKU.

Ready to maximise each SKU's performance?

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