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Profitability of products is constantly changing.

With 1000s of products, efficiently managing Google Shopping has gone beyond what a human can manage.

60% of Google Shopping orders generate a loss*

Discover which of your products are losing money

Best practice for manual bid management

Grouping similar SKUs together


Grouping your SKUs uses average values, so no matter how you group them, you will always be under- or overbidding.

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Bidnamic technology understands every SKU is unique

At any given time, each SKU has its own 'true' bid value - an exact price that captures the click at the right cost for your business.

bullet-tick Precise conversion ratebullet-tick SKU-level CPC
bullet-tick Accurate margin      bullet-tick Granular AOV

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Precision bidding for every SKU is the only way to maximise revenue and profitability

Regain complete transparency and control for every SKU, search term and its performance

bullet-tick Granular bidding
bullet-tick SKU-level analysis

bullet-tick Unique sweet spot
bullet-tick Maximum potential profit

Entry level automation using Google Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping automates bidding but removes access to valuable performance and search term data.

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Discover why your data is important

Regain complete transparency and control on every SKU, search term and performance with Bidnamic


Search intent

The right bids for the right search terms

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SKU-level bidding

Maximising the revenue of every SKU

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Transparent data

Access to all your performance and search term data

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* Based on the results of Bidnamic's data analysis of hundreds of ecommerce retailers

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