Supercharge your Google Shopping campaigns

Our AI technology helps you streamline the user journey, from product discovery to purchase. Increase visibility and profitability across your whole catalogue, not just your best-sellers.

Connect your customers with your products through AI-optimised Shopping ads and enhance their browsing experience with fast-loading landing pages and built-in intelligent product recommendations.

Image shows how our pre-click services enhance your campaign visibility, while our post-click service enhances profitability.

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Mobile device shows example Google search showing a Google Shopping ad for 'Your Company' ranking first.

Google Shopping Management

Advanced campaign management combining machine learning with human expertise

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Mobile device shows example Google search with a paid search ad for 'Your Company' ranking first.

Search Ads

Automatically apply Shopping insights to unlock the full potential of your search ads

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Mobile device shows  the Google Shopping carousel. The top ranked ad demonstrates Bidnamic CSS

Shopping Service

Up to 20% reduction in CPC for your Shopping ads. No payment required.

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Introducing Bidnamic Discovery Pages

Smart phone with mobile-optimised product landing page using Bidnamic's Discovery Page. <1 seconds page loading speed and 95% performance score.

Dedicated super-fast landing pages for Google Shopping, optimised for conversions with dynamic, above-the-fold product alternatives.

Increase conversion rates and on-site engagement to make the most out of your Google Shopping campaigns.

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