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We are a technology company with a SaaS machine learning platform.

With regular catch-up calls with our Client Success team, you can communicate concerns, discuss new ideas, plan for upcoming retail events, and receive a thorough report on the results.

Bidnamic, agencies, and manual bid management: what sets us apart?

We charge a flat monthly fee which includes:

  • Our proprietary machine learning software
  • Full data transparency
  • Weekly meetings with your dedicated strategist and data analyst

Our technology platform uses machine learning to identify high-intent searches, which we then bid for more aggressively on Google Shopping. This lets us target only the most interested shoppers, saving precious ad budget.

Our clients also have scheduled meetings with their assigned Client Success Manager, who will quickly feel like part of your in-house team. We know that having a human approach is key to making our clients feel understood.

Unlike Google Smart Shopping’s ‘black box’ approach, we offer total data transparency. With access to which search terms shoppers are using to find your products, you can outrank your competitors and bid more aggressively for high-intent search terms.

Google has retired Smart Shopping campaigns and has replaced them with Performance Max campaigns. Get up-to-date information on Performance Max campaigns here.

Google Shopping generates a wealth of data that can be used to optimise other aspects of your business, such as social media and SEO, which will help your overall digital marketing strategy. With the transparency offered by Bidnamic, you can make use of this valuable data.

Find out why retailers are moving from Google Smart Shopping to Bidnamic.

Performance Max is Google's latest ad management tool. What’s great for formerly brick-and-mortar retailers (and other non-digital natives) is that Performance Max campaigns are also fairly easy to set up.

However, in addition to having no ability to adjust bids for different brands, products or SKUs, there are a number of other limitations to what you can do with Performance Max:

  • Lack of control. There's a lot of things Performance Max cuts off your control over. For instance, while you can target your ads towards selected countries, you can't target specific regions or exclude a city. You also can’t choose which devices to target - if your target audience mainly uses mobile, you’ll still have to pay to run ads on laptops and tablets too. Similarly, you can't control which channels serve your ads, meaning you’ll have to pay for clicks from unwanted traffic. Discover more Google Performance Max limitations.
  • Lack of data. Just like Smart Shopping, Google does not provide access to your own, invaluable data. Google also decides the best times and days to spend your budget, and you have no visibility into how that is decided. you don't have access to channel-specific reports.
  • Read more about Performance Max Google Shopping ads.


We combine advanced machine learning with human expertise to drive revenue and profits from Google Shopping adverts.

  • Precision bidding for every SKU. Our algorithms analyse hundreds of variables for each of your SKUs. Predicting the right price to pay for each click.
  • Identifying high intent searches. Some searches are worth more than others. By redistributing your ad spend towards high purchase intent searches, we increase your chance of winning clicks from shoppers who are ready to buy.
  • Uncovering your campaign data. With our personalised, real-time dashboards, your data is displayed in an easy-to-understand format, highlighting a spectrum of significant insight, such as the best and worst performing SKUs and search terms.
  • Human expertise. Read more about our service.

The process of our data analysts looking into your account, verifying your conversion tracking pixels, and setting up campaigns in your Google Ads account normally takes five working days.


We create ad campaigns from within our clients' Google Ads accounts. We request access to these accounts and have no ownership over them.

We're committed to data transparency, so we ensure our clients have full control of their own Google Ads accounts and have access to their reporting dashboards at all times.

Since our clients have full access and visibility of their Google Ads account and any associated analytics, they have total access to search data.

Your data is invaluable - here's four ways you can take advantage of yours

Sadly, it's not uncommon for some bid management providers to make your search or performance data difficult to access, or to completely withhold it from their clients. We provide fully automated bidding with 100% data transparency. Read more about the importance of search term data.

We'd be sad to see you go, but if you make the decision to take your bid management elsewhere, you must provide 30 days written notice.

If you choose to leave before your contract finishes, you must settle any outstanding invoices. For example, if you choose to terminate the contract with five months remaining, invoices for these five months must be settled.

The termination process normally takes two working days. This involves removing our automation from your account.

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