Outperform Smart Shopping, scale your account

Outperform Smart Shopping and  scale your account

Bidnamic outperforms Smart Shopping campaigns, growing your ROAS and revenue, and taking your Google Shopping management to the next level.

LuxDeco increased ROAS by 103%
After upgrading from Smart Shopping to Bidnamic.

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Outrank competitors for the most valuable search terms

Outrank competitors for the most valuable search terms

Smart Shopping creates a ‘black box’ preventing any visibility or management of your search term data.

Bidnamic offers you this data, allowing you to outrank your competitors.

Data-driven insights lost in Smart Shopping

Data-driven insights

Bidnamic is powered by data and uses machine learning to make decisions on a 24/7 basis.

Bidnamic works on a granular level using SKU level bidding, which is not available in Smart Shopping campaigns.


Average bid adjustments we make every month

Regain control with Bidnamic

Regain control with Bidnamic

Bidnamic gives you full visibility of SKU level data and search terms. 

Using these data insights, you can increase performance and profitability across all digital channels including: SEO, text ads and Amazon.

Smart Shopping doesn’t know your business better than you

Smart Shopping doesn’t know your business

Unlike smart shopping campaigns, Bidnamic combines the power of vast data processing and predictive analytics with your deep understanding of the market, product range and customers.

Human thinking for your total peace of mind

Human oversight for total peace of mind

Our dedicated client success team are experts in their field and will be able to generate insights from your data and use it to your advantage.

Interested in an automated approach with human oversight?

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Why our clients choose Bidnamic

We were keen to work with a partner that could push LuxDeco’s ROAS even further than we could achieve with Google Smart Shopping, whilst also growing overall revenue from Shopping. The Bidnamic team are always looking for new ways to do this and helping to drive account growth as a whole.

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Kathryn Stavropoulos

Strategic Lead

Bidnamic is truly magic! We started working with Bidnamic in April and saw a 3x ROAS within our second month and cornered 70% visibility of the online market for our category. We couldn’t be happier with the results and it couldn’t have been done without our lovely account manager Henry.

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Julie Baik

Julie Baik

Marketing Director

Bidnamic is like an extension of our team which makes it really easy to work with them. The platform also provides a valuable keyword research tool, particularly in international markets.

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Wouter Schreurs

Wouter Schreurs

Ecommerce and Performance Marketing Manager

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