Are you losing out on data and insights from your Google Shopping campaigns?

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Extracting insights from your campaign data can be time intensive and overwhelming.

If you use Smart Shopping you lose all access to your campaign data.

What are the barriers to generating insights from Google Shopping data?

Manual approach

Best practice for manual campaign management is to create product groups which prevents granular SKU analysis.

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Google Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping provides automation without any transparency, cutting off access to valuable performance and search term data.

Unlock the value of your data with Bidnamic

Automated bidding with 100% data transparency

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Get access to SKU-level data to generate insights and drive growth

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Human expertise to help you interpret your data


Granular data and transparent results

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Human expertise - when you need it

Our customer success team get to know your business and are always just a phone call (or email) away. No more talking to automated bots or customer service reps who don't know your account.

Dashboards that provide the insights your business needs

With Bidnamic's personalised, real-time dashboards, your data is displayed in an easy-to-understand format, highlighting a spectrum of significant insight, such as the best and worst performing SKUs and search terms.

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Discover how Google Shopping data has driven growth for leading retailers

Bidnamic helped Holcros to identify top performers and optimise their Merchant Center listings

Our on-hand team worked with Holcros and their performance data to enhance their Merchant Center product listings, identify top performers and gateway products, and improve their inventory.

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Bidnamic enabled Engel Coolers to rise to the top of Google text ad search results

Understanding their PLA search term data enabled Engel to better target their converting audiences, and reduce their CPC by optimising their landing and product pages for better text ad performance.

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Bidnamic helped an international food marketplace to improve their SEO performance using Google Shopping ads data

Access to their Shopping campaign performance data revealed the brand's top converting search terms. Bidnamic's open-access approach has enabled our client to optimise their product pages and boost rankings to the top of page 1.

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Find out how Bidnamic's advanced bidding technology can give you an unfair advantage

Search intent

The right bids for the right search terms

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SKU-level bidding

Maximising the revenue of every single SKU

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Transparent data

Access to all your performance and search term data

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