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Your data is still the best asset to make informed key business decisions.
Bidnamic helps you providing the right information for your needs: 

Bidnamic dashboard gives access to your search queries, divided by the level of purchase intent

Your own data

Our dashboard provides all your data insights and more. From search terms to high intent phrases - whenever you need it.

With access to your performance data at the granular level, Bidnamic can help you make better decisions around stocking.

Full search and Shopping campaign visibility

Understand and optimize where your budget is spent. Gain full control over your campaign optimization process.

Access to your performance and search term data enables cross-channel optimisation

Cross-channel optimization

Improve the quality of your product feed and website content to achieve higher relevancy for the terms your customers are searching for.

Hear how we helped The Union Project interpret and use their data:

Hands on with The Union Project

In-house expertise whenever you need it

Your dedicated Client Success Manager is on hand to advise you every step of the way, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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SKU-level data as standard

Bidnamic gives you access to all this data for every product:

Check box Search terms
Check box Impressions
Check box Profitability
Check box Average order value
Check box Cost of sale
Check box Conversion rate 
Each SKU performs differently, with different margins, click-through rates and so on. So we bid for each SKU uniquely

Download our data dashboard guide

Understand the data you can access and how Bidnamic will help you improve your performance and listings.

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Outrank competitors for the most valuable search terms

Learn how to increase your clicks and sales:

Bidnamic uses historical and real-time performance data to identify purchase intent for each search.

Depending on the purchase intent, our technology adjusts the bid for each query in real time. 

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