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The Instagram-born lingerie brand who hijacked national underwear day increases revenues from Google Shopping

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Lounge increases revenue by 344% using Bidnamic's solution | Bidnamic
Lounge increases revenue by 344% using Bidnamic's solution | Bidnamic

The results

Lounge increased revenue by 344% using Bidnamic’s targeted search term algorithm

Bidnamic achieved this by closely coordinating with the Lounge team to identify their top-selling SKUs sitewide during the two day sale period and pushing these to maximise visibility during the sale using real-time data.

Lounge dominated impression share on Google Shopping for each intent level, but especially for purchase intent search terms that have a higher likelihood to convert into sales. Not only do they have a strong impression share, but they are the only ones in this market to have a real intent-structure in place.

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The challenge

Driving sales and maintaining a profitable return on ‘National Underwear Day’ sale

A lot of Lounge’s early success was down to innovative marketing strategies driving brand awareness on paid and organic social. Their results are due to the team's passion and incredible hard work. Lounge partnered with Bidnamic to support their mission, moving towards Google Shopping as a marketing channel.

Lounge was to run a 24-hour flash sale on ‘National Underwear Day’ and the challenge they faced was ensuring that their bid prices reflected the dramatic change in conversion rates in a short period of time.

Lounge increases revenue by 344% using Bidnamic's solution | Bidnamic

We were blown away with how granular Bidnamic can get – their platform allows Lounge to bid based on profitability for each product, which was impossible to do manually.

Hannah Lewis

Hannah Lewis

PPC Manager

The solution

Real-time sales data, a high purchase intent strategy, and dynamic bid management

Bidnamic automates bid management on Google Shopping, calculating precise CPC bids for each SKU in Lounge's catalogue. Our technology runs 24/7, continuously analysing your bids and actioning a new CPC where necessary.

It's just as important for retailers utilising influencer marketing that your ad is waiting for purchase-ready followers, Googling your product as soon as it's shared on social media. Retailers like Lounge can expect Bidnamic’s Targeted Search Term feature, enabling your brand to single out highly performing search terms and bid more aggressively to win their clicks.

What’s more, our specialised Client Success team provides each client a dedicated account manager, scheduling weekly calls to feedback performance, advise strategy, and help clients learn more about Google’s advertising toolkit.

Lounge increases revenue by 344% using Bidnamic's solution | Bidnamic

The scoop

The luxury brand made for an empowered female family

At Lounge, they cater to all women with their stunning matching bra and underwear sets, as well as swimwear and apparel, making all items comfortable – yet sexy.

Lounge started with the brainpower of just two people, Dan and Mel, shipping products from their lounge to customers across the globe. It’s now one of the most well-known, unique lingerie brands, grown through the expertise of their digital team.

Lounge partnered their UK, US, and AUS store with Bidnamic in 2019 and continue to see phenomenal growth. 

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