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Bidnamic pricing

Our pricing is tailored to each client based on their needs and ad spend. We don't take a percentage of your ad spend or profit. All the upside is yours.
Transform Google Shopping from a frustration into your unfair advantage

Reduce the cost of each sale

Bidnamic sets the right bid for every SKU, so you can outrank competitors whilst maximising profitability.

Increase revenue by intent targeting

Bidnamic uses machine learning to leverage purchase intent, so you can win clicks from high purchase intent searches.

Unlock your data insights

Our dashboard provides you with all your data insights and more. From search terms to high intent phrases.

Get a tailored quote
All quotes qualify for a free account audit worth $1500

We charge a flat monthly fee which includes: 

  • Our proprietary machine learning software
  • Full data exports
  • Weekly meetings and insights from your dedicated strategist and data analyst

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What our clients say

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