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Average bid adjustments we make every month

The complexity of managing Google Shopping has gone beyond what humans can manage. We overcome this by combining machine learning with human understanding.

Our technology focuses on three aspects.

1. Precision bidding for every SKU

The right bid for every SKU

Finding the sweet spot

Our algorithms analyze hundreds of variables for each of your SKUs. Predicting the right price to pay for each click.

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"60% of Google Shopping orders generate a loss"

Naylors increased profitability by 274%
Using our SKU level bidding

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2. Identifying high intent searches

Leverage purchase intent

Purchase intent

Some searches are worth more than others.

By redistributing your ad spend towards high purchase intent searches, we increase your chance of winning clicks from shoppers who are ready to buy.

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"An estimated 94% of search terms don't generate revenue"

Oh Polly increased revenue by 661%
Using our 24/7 bid management solution

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3. Uncovering your campaign data

Personalized dashboards with unlimited search term and dataaccess

Dashboards that include all your data 

With our personalized, real-time dashboards, your data is displayed in an easy-to-understand format, highlighting a spectrum of significant insight, such as the best and worst performing SKUs and search terms.

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