The Bidnamic service

Why did our clients choose us to help them achieve their ecommerce and Google Shopping goals? Discover what sets us apart from the crowd.

Why choose us?


Improve Shopping results

Our machine learning technology analyses hundreds of variables for each of your SKUs, helping you bid the right amount for the right queries. 

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Improve text ads results

Our technology doesn't end at Shopping campaigns. Using your search term data, we can extend our offering to help you improve your Search ad campaigns too.

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Unlock actionable insights

A personalised, real-time data dashboard tailored to your business, so you can concentrate on the information you really need.

The human side of our service

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An extension of your Marketing team

You will be supported by a Client Success Manager and a Data Analyst to understand and help you reach your goals.

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Regular updates to track your success

Weekly calls and monthly in-depth analysis to help you get the most out of our AI and your data.

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Unlock actionable data insights

We will leverage your data to inform cross-channel decision and optimise your online results.

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Industry benchmarks and insights

As well as total visibility to your data, we provide industry benchmarking using our database so you can easily understand how you stack up against your competitors. 

Fancy a taster? Get a sneak peak into our clients' experience with our benchmarking tool.

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