An estimated 94% of search terms don't generate revenue, Bidnamic fixes this:

Your search terms by purchase intent in your data dashboard

Identifying purchase
intent in every search

Bidnamic uses historical and real-time performance data to identify purchase intent for each search.

Bidnamic identifies purchase intent for each search term and bids the right amount.

Adjusting the bid
depending on intent

Depending on the purchase intent, our technology adjusts the bid for each query in real time. 

Maximise revenue for every SKU

Decreasing CPA,
and increasing efficiency 

Our technology helps you to increase both conversions and budget efficiency across the whole product catalogue.

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The right bid for every SKU

Precision bidding for every SKU

Discover how our algorithms analyse hundreds of variables for each of your SKUs, to predict the right price to pay for each click. Helping you to sell every item in your catalogue.

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