Trends are always coming and going. Products seen in popular media grab the interest of consumers, who then typically run to a search engine (most often Google) to find out how to get hold of it themselves.

Reacting to spikes in search queries can be a great opportunity for your ecommerce business, but it can be a time-intensive task. Using an automated platform like Bidnamic can take the stress of this process away and provide you with great results.

The popular TV show Love Island caused big spikes in search trends: Read more here.

The trend of the ‘rainbow shirt’

In April 2020 on Lorraine Kelly’s morning show on ITV, the well-known presenter wore a rainbow shirt. Viewers took notice of this item of clothing and wanted their own.

Lorraine wearing a jumper with a rainbow design

Lorraine Kelly and her technicolour dream shirt. Source: Prima

This caused a spike in Google searches for ‘rainbow shirt’, which you can see in the Google Trends graph below:

Graph displaying interest over time in 'rainbow shirt' which peaked when the item was shown on TVClick to enlarge

With all of these searches for ‘rainbow shirt’, it’s a good move to increase your visibility on the Google Shopping carousel, since there are more shoppers than usual looking for the product.

Adjusting SKUs manually to react to trends can be very time-intensive and also time-sensitive, so using an automated AI platform can be highly beneficial.

Bidnamic’s response to the trend

Our technology platform identified the trend immediately and adjusted bids accordingly to increase visibility on the Shopping carousel. By doing this, we generated a few thousand pounds worth of revenue, mostly within the first hour.

The graph below shows our platform detecting a rise in traffic in real-time:

graph shows volume of traffic throughout 24 hours, peaking around 9am when Lorraine was broadcastClick to enlarge

Having a quick response to these fluctuations in the market is key to getting your products in front of interested shoppers at the most opportune time.

Bidnamic’s machine learning platform built out Targeted Search Terms to harvest and dominate the search traffic for as long as the trend was profitable. When interest in the item calmed down, so did the bidding effort.

Our Targeted Search Terms allow us to set bid prices for high-performing individual search terms for each individual SKU in a product catalogue. This allows you to target search queries at a more granular level, as well as capture any outlying search terms.

Utilising a service such as ours means you wouldn’t need to keep your finger on the pulse of trends. This saves clients precious time, as our technology platform is entirely automated and runs 24/7, reacting immediately to spikes in trends as they happen.

Using precision bidding for each SKU during trends can maximise revenue and profitability.

If you’d like to know more about how we can optimise your Google Shopping channel and help you take advantage of trends, book a call with one of our specialists today.

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