Even if it's not really your cup of tea, it’s become almost impossible to avoid hearing about Love Island. Since its debut, British summertime has become synonymous with Love Island. ITV2’s most popular show to date has captured the nation’s attention, and its impact is only growing: 3.4 million viewers tuned in to the 2021 premiere, more than double the number of eyes glued to the show in 2020.

Each year it gets harder and harder to avoid conversations and opinion pieces on the show, and brands have taken notice of this.

"Shop the Show"

ITV themselves have taken full advantage of this interest, resulting in the introduction of "shoppable TV". The Love Island app features "Shop the Show": a service that conveniently collates all of the fashion, cosmetic tools, and toiletries from the show and streamlines the purchasing process. While g used for Love Island, ITV hopes to roll out the service for other shows in the future.

Some viewers will also copy and paste the product titles into Google, hoping for better deals, meaning that these search terms can then be bid on by competitors to redirect traffic to their website and products instead.

This year’s show has managed to pull in an impressive £12 million in advertising revenue, and brands have been rushing to attach themselves to the show. This further demonstrates the show's increasing influence, and could potentially make it a relevant asset in helping grow your brand’s reach.

Brands have also been creating content surrounding Love Island with the intention of SEO. Love Island related content engagement is at around 850,000, making it a noteworthy topic for attracting more potential customers to your website.

Screenshot of the Love Island app, showing various items worn by contestants from the show for saleImage from the Love Island app

So what does Love Island have to do with Google Shopping?

The public is keen to don outfits seen on the show, as well as use the same toiletries and beauty gadgets as their favourite islanders. In reaction to the BAFTA award-winning reality series, there’s been a huge increase in search queries like “love island clothes”, “love island bottles”, and “love island fashion”, highlighting the consumer interest in shopping the show. These searches spike when the show is broadcasting live, demonstrating the need for a highly reactive automated bidding approach.

Taking advantage of Google Trends concerning Love Island can help you see which specific search terms are increasing and when. This can then inform you on what to bid more aggressively for on Google Shopping, bolstering your product(s) position on the Shopping carousel and leading to more impressions. 

For example, on this year’s show, Jake asked Liberty to be his girlfriend with a pair of magnetic bracelets designed for couples. The search query “love island bracelet” then grew 1000%, with similar terms involving bracelets seeing similar growth in popularity at the same time.

Google Trends graph showing spikes in search traffic when Love Island is airing

Search data is an invaluable resource when it comes to Google Shopping. By keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s currently popular and trending, you can alter your Google Shopping bids accordingly. So you can ensure that your products are being seen by the people searching for them.

Promotional photo of the Love Island contestants in swimwearImage courtesy of ITV2 via The Irish Times

Responding to influxes in search traffic

To take full advantage of shows like Love Island that cause a huge increase in specific search queries, it’s important to alter your Google Shopping bids in response. This can be a difficult and time-consuming task for a person to manually do.

Bidnamic’s ‘Always On, Always Learning’ approach means that you no longer need to do all of this yourself. Our machine learning platform automatically detects trends and spikes in search queries and adjusts Shopping bids accordingly. 

When a show like Love Island airs and searches begin, our technology can react instantly to give you the best possible place on the Google Shopping carousel, eliminating the need for observation, analysis, and manual bid updates. Automating the bidding on Google Shopping can vastly improve your PPC campaigns and help to maximise your ROI.

Want to learn more about Bidnamic? Check out how our AI platform takes the fuss out of Google Shopping management. Or book a call with a specialist to discuss how we can help you get the most out of your Google Shopping experience.

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