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Google is introducing new ways for you to get your promotions in front of deal-seeking shoppers, as well as more ways to track performance. This update will be helpful for retailers preparing for different holidays and busy times, such as Black Friday and Christmas.

With search traffic for deals increasing around the holiday season, online retailers want their products to be visible to the most relevant potential customers.

Alongside this, there are new integration options for retailers making it easier for ecommerce vendors to promote their deals.

A new feed for discounted products

Any products in your catalogue that have a deal badge will be automatically eligible for the new deals feed on the Shopping tab. This will collect all promotional items in one place for shoppers to browse.

The visibility of ads will be determined by Google based on the attractiveness of the offer: Google will prioritise substantial deals that offer value to consumers, so giving a small discount to a high-priced product won’t work in your favour. This is to make sure that only the most competitive price cuts will be shown first, enhancing the customer experience.

The new deals feed are accessible from the Shopping tab, but will also be triggered and shown for any search queries that involve terms like ‘deals’ or ‘Black Friday’. 

Animation showing the new 'deals' section on Google Shopping, displayed on an iPhone

Image from Google.

New ways to track performance

Google is adding more ways for retailers to track the performance of their promotions and deals, leading to more ways to optimise campaigns.

The new additions will be added to the dashboard in the Merchant Center. Users will be able to filter data by product, brand, category, and promotion type. This will allow retailers to see the top-performing promotions, which categories perform the best when on sale, and which deals drive the most conversions. 

You’ll also be able to see which products in your catalogue are eligible for a deal badge from within the Merchant Center itself, making it easier than ever to prepare for periods of busy search traffic. 

Read more about how important data is to your campaigns here.

New performance dashboard in the Google Merchant Center

Click to enlarge. Image from Google.

Shopify and WooCommerce integration

On top of the other additions, Google will be allowing Shopify and WooCommerce users to showcase their deals across Search and Shopping.

This move should help smaller retailers compete with others who may have more resources at their disposal, lowering the barrier of entry to the Shopping platform.

Find out how to integrate WooCommerce with Google Shopping

With more options available for retailers to display and promote their products, Google Shopping is becoming an increasingly more valuable channel. Competing can be difficult, however, and an automated solution like Bidnamic’s technology can help you succeed. 

For more information on optimising your campaigns and getting the most out of your Shopping channel, call and book in for a free consultation with a specialist today.

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