For many enterprise businesses, competing against your wholesaler for visibility can be a challenge. When it comes to the competitive world of Google Shopping, it’s crucial that you adopt the best possible strategy to make sure your ads come out on top.

60-65% of shoppers interact with the top ad on the Shopping carousel, regardless of price, and this is where you want your product to be.

Why can wholesalers be hard to compete with?

Depending on your industry, wholesalers can often be difficult to outbid on a PPC channel like Google Shopping. B2B wholesalers may have larger budgets which they can allocate to more evolved digital marketing and towards Shopping bidding.

Increasing your average order value can be a great way to compete with wholesalers.

Your wholesale competitors could also have more flexibility vertically when it comes to discounts and offers. As a result, Brand competitors may not be able to compete in a similar way depending on budget.

What advantages do brands have over wholesalers?

While competing with wholesalers that have high budgets can be tricky, there are advantages of brand retailers which can be used to compete.

Because of the relevancy and reputation that brands can build over time, customer retention is a lot easier to maintain. The extra profit this brings can be reallocated towards bidding for the top carousel positions on Shopping.

As customer loyalty becomes an increasingly important way of maximising profitability, it's important that brands take advantage of brand name searches resulting from their reputation and consumer relationships.

Brands have the ability to be more intelligent and strategic when it comes to remarketing, enabling them to draw previous customers back to their store. This, coupled with a great customer experience, can be leveraged against your wholesale competitors.

Bidnamic’s approach to competing

With all of the advantages mentioned above, it’s possible for brand retailers to maximise volume in areas such as sales or clicks while still maintaining profitability.

Understanding the search queries that your target audience use and the profitability of these terms will help you to reduce your CPCs. Bidnamic’s technology automatically allocates more spend to high intent search queries, making sure your CPCs are never unprofitable.

Bidnamic is data-driven, meaning we take into account which keywords convert and drive the most revenue. This lets us automatically bid more aggressively on these specific terms to outrank your wholesale competitors in real-time.

Our technology can pick up on search trends and react instantly, helping you compete for the top position when it really matters.

If you’re struggling to compete with your wholesale competitors for the top Google Shopping positions, or if you’re interested in maximising your Shopping strategy, book a call with one of our specialists.

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