The Bidnamic 2021 Google Shopping Playbook - Fashion Edition


Google Shopping searches made every minute

The complexity of Google Shopping management has gone beyond what humans can manage. Bidnamic overcomes this by combining advanced machine learning with human thinking.


The right bid for every SKU

Our algorithms analyse hundreds of variables for every product SKU to predict the right price to pay for each click.

Always on, always learning

Always on, always learning

Bidnamic’s machine learning platform updates bid values dynamically – making an average of 500,000 Google Shopping bid adjustments per week for each of our clients.

Ensuring that you remain ahead of your competition in an ever-changing market.

Leverage purchase

Leverage purchase intent understanding

Some searches are worth more than others.

By redistributing your ad spend towards high purchase intent searches, we increase your chance of winning clicks from shoppers who are ready to buy.

What’s limiting your performance?


Each sale costing too much?

How we can help


Not enough revenue growth?

How we can help


Too time intensive to manage?

How we can help

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