Google’s Performance Max campaigns replaced Smart Shopping at the end of Q3 in 2022. This new automated campaign type is designed to help retailers get more out of their Google Shopping channel, while also serving ads across the Google network.

Deep dive into Performance Max - everything you need to know

Bidnamic’s technology can work alongside Performance Max campaigns to help you outrank your competitors and boost profitability: let’s take a look at how with some examples.

Increased campaign visibility and performance

Here’s the situation: a client joined us and they’d previously been running Performance Max but weren’t seeing the visibility that they’d hoped for.

To maintain the stability of our client's campaign, we left the majority of the revenue-generating SKUs tied to the Performance Max campaign. We then migrated the remaining SKUs across to the Bidnamic intent funnel, using our automated technology to bid on a granular level. 

How our machine learning technology helps you beat the competition

From there, we slowly migrated further SKUs from Performance Max to our technology platform and used both systems in tandem to ensure that individual SKUs were optimised. This helped to further increase visibility on Google Shopping and boost campaign performance overall.

Running in parallel to ensure a smooth transition

For our clients that were previously running Performance Max campaigns, we found it helpful to maintain these while slowly introducing our technology to maintain performance.

We usually see that 90% of revenue comes from the top 10% of products. We keep the majority of revenue-driving SKUs with the Performance Max campaigns and allow our technology to learn from the remainder, boosting their visibility. This helps to improve results for SKUs that don’t typically perform well, as Performance Max tends to focus on bestsellers, and allows our solution to build up valuable search term data.

By migrating slowly, we can prevent any drops in revenue or visibility throughout the transition.

Full access to data insights

Like its predecessor, Smart Shopping, Performance Max gives advertisers limited data on their campaign performance. This makes optimisation difficult, and it’s hard to see exactly where your ad budget is going.

Bidnamic’s machine learning platform is fully transparent, and our clients receive access to a comprehensive data dashboard that provides all data from campaigns. 

Running Performance Max alongside Bidnamic’s technology provides the data insights you need to compete successfully on the channel and beat your competitors.

Maintain performance without sacrificing revenue

If you’re currently running Performance Max and aren’t seeing the results or visibility you’d hoped for on Google Shopping, then our machine learning platform can work to help boost your campaign performance.

Our Google Shopping experts are on hand to guide you through the transition process and help strategise to fully optimise your Google Shopping channel. Book a demo today to find out more about how we can help.

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