Web pages that include structured product data are now eligible for rich text results (sometimes called enhanced experiences) on Google Search, as well as Google Images and Google Lens. 

This is now possible without the need for retailers to have a Merchant Center account. Previously, retailers would need to supply product details via a Google Merchant Center feed.

Rich text results

Retailers who have included structured product data on their web pages will be eligible for search features that will provide more information to shoppers, such as images, ratings, and more.

Google has specified that using structured data will make merchants eligible for two types of search experiences: Popular Products and Product Snippets.

These rich text results are another opportunity for retailers to get their ads in front of shoppers and increase visibility on Google, so it’s worth implementing structured product data on your web pages.

Rich text results are also free organic advertising for retailers as the Popular Product section and Product Snippets aren’t classed as ads.

Structured data

Structured data, sometimes referred to as schema markup, provides information to Google to then be used in search results. 

When using structured data, you can define specific properties of products, such as size, colour, or price, so that Google can potentially display this information in both Popular Products and Product Snippets.

Google has information about their structured data guidelines and how to implement this data available here.

Taking advantage of structured data alongside an automated solution like Bidnamic can help your business get the most out of your Google Shopping channel.

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