Can you use Shopify with Google Shopping in multiple countries?

If you’ve linked up Shopify to Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping it’s possible to sell products in multiple countries. This can be done either manually or via a third-party Shopify app.

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How to use Shopify with Google Shopping in multiple countries

If you’re looking to sell in multiple countries, you’ll need to create a separate product feed in Merchant Center for each country. You can do this manually, or through a third-party Shopify app.

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You’ll need to ensure that the language indicated in your feed is available on your website: for example, if you wanted to start selling in Italy, you’d need to have an Italian language version of your website. 

The currency shown on your product pages also needs to match the currency in your product feed in the Merchant Center.

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Depending on the target country, you might want to alter information in your product data feed so that it better matches shopper behaviour. This gives your ads a better chance of converting.

To make sure you’re on the right track, have a look at Google’s guidelines on product feed specifications and currency requirements.

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