Optimising your campaigns to show up for the most relevant search queries is crucial to Google Shopping success. Making sure you show up in the top position on the Shopping carousel will get you the most impressions, and - hopefully - the most conversions. Here we’ll explore how you can make sure you’re only showing up for the queries that are the most relevant.

Keyword targeting on Google Shopping

Relevancy is determined by the product data in your Merchant Center feed. This process can lead to a random selection of products that Google deems as ‘related’, but may not be. This isn’t great for conversion and will cost you impression space. 

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Unfortunately, keyword targeting doesn’t exist within Google Shopping Ads. Instead, you need to use negative keywords to say what you don’t want to show up for. 

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Using negative keywords

Simply put, negative keywords are terms that stop your Shopping campaign from triggering. This gives you some control over your campaigns and will stop your ads from appearing for irrelevant search queries, eliminating unwanted costs.

If you sort your keywords by irrelevancy, you can set queries with the highest volume but lowest conversion rates as negative keywords, preventing you from wasting ad spend on them. 

If you’re not showing up for irrelevant but slightly related search queries, you can reallocate your budget back into your bids, helping increase your visibility on the carousel for more relevant terms.

Bidnamic’s approach

Bidnamic’s machine learning platform still relies on negative keywords. We block out low intent searches with negative keywords and instead bid more aggressively on high intent search queries.

Our Targeted Search Term (TST) technology allows us to exclude everything except for very specific strings of terms. This lets ads show up for exactly what you want - a task which if done by a human would take an indeterminate amount of time and would be simply unmanageable. 

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We couple TSTs with precision bidding, using algorithms to predict the best possible price for each SKU in your product catalogue. This allows us to not only pay the best CPC for the most visibility but prevent ads from showing for low intent searches.

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