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Research and Development Team

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What does our team do?

Bidnamic uses advanced machine learning and human expertise to drive revenue from Google Shopping adverts. We work with ecommerce companies to maximize the potential of every product, whether they have hundreds or hundreds of thousands of SKUs, which is way beyond what humans can manage manually. 

What does that mean for techies like us? Our team of engineers and data scientists are the people behind the scenes building and maintaining the technology, so our work enables what happens in that fleeting nanosecond between a shopper hitting 'search' and the SERPs loading on their device. In essence, we help people find the stuff they need and want online.

The last time we counted, our technology had powered 15 billion impressions, 2.8 billion automated bid changes, and saved 5,289 years of human time.

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Why join our team?

Research and development at Bidnamic

In short, we have a “get s**t done” engineering culture. We don’t follow rigidly agile practices because we’re agile by nature. Learning and development is not something we do at set times, it’s become an integral part of everyday life.

We value opinions, even if they go against the norm. Taking ownership, asking why - all such things are encouraged. We’re ruthless in cutting away processes that bring little value and for those processes that do bring value we automate intensely. Allowing engineers to focus on what we love doing - discovering, architecting, building and shipping.

Work from anywhere in the world

We're a fully remote team, so you can work from anywhere you choose, be it your home office, your favorite coffee shop, the beach, or wherever your mood takes you. We still work closely and talk daily, making use of the usual tools such as Slack and Google Meet.

Research and Development team Sanjay Logan

Our Research and Development ecosystem

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Research and Development ecosystem

Our team get to work with the latest tools and cutting-edge technologies 

Barbaros 2

Meet Barbaros

Name: Barbaros Goren
Role: Backend Engineer
Based: Istanbul, Turkey

My specialist subject is backend and data engineering.
I'm currently working on our admin system (and anything backend related).
My favorite place to work is anywhere other than my desk.
It's a great team to work with here. Especially when things go bad. I feel boosted in energy and confidence here.

Meet Michał

Name: Michał (Mike) Plutecki
Role: Machine Learning Engineer
Based: Warsaw, Poland

My specialist subject is machine learning and AI.
I'm currently working on ad copies generation and product clustering for search term sharing.
My favorite place to work is in a cafe if it’s not too busy. Otherwise a co-working space in a nice country - I’m in Utah in my photo!
The best thing about working here is that it's a great team of smart people, in a dynamic, goal-oriented environment, using cutting-edge technologies.

Meet Michał Plutecki Mike
Matt D 2

Meet Matt

Name: Dr Matt Dale
Role: Data Scientist
Based: Leeds, UK

My specialist subject is AI and machine learning.
I'm currently working on data mining using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide more intelligent Google Ads bidding strategies.
My favorite place to work is my home office, with my dog, Luna at my side.
The best thing about working here is the friendly work environment, strong team ethos, and good work-life balance.

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