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Where it all started...

March 2018

Before Bidnamic, our CEO Liam and COO Ingvar opened a print-on-demand online store named Dizinga, which had over 400 million SKUs. They quickly came to realize the time and money consuming task behind managing your own Google Shopping campaigns, so decided to come up with an alternative solution. 

They discovered that they were the perfect pair, with Liam’s ecommerce experience and Ingvar’s algorithm expertise, they devised a unique machine learning engine to manage their Google Shopping bidding. 

Dizinga’s investors were unsurprisingly impressed by this software, so were quick to share with their other investment businesses, soon followed by the birth of Bidnamic.


March 2022

In just four years, the growth Bidnamic has experienced as been exceptional, so here's a little insight of just a number of the things we have achieved:

Birthday employees resized

Back in 2018 when Liam and Ingvar started Bidnamic, we only had a small team of six employees. Fast forward four years and we have a whopping 82 employees across five different teams. And by no means do we plan to stop there, we’re still hiring and welcoming more fabulous staff into our ever-growing team. 

BID_72_Birthday Assets_1.1-06

After starting with just a handful of curious brands, we now boast an impressive 214 clients, who utilize our machine learning technology to get ahead of the game at Google Shopping. We put our all into the success of our clients, which is what makes Bidnamic such a great company to work with.

BID_72_Birthday Assets_1.1-09

That's right! We work with clients worldwide, but have a significant amount across the pond. We even have a designated ‘team America’ within our sales team who focus on reaching out and partnering with online retailers ready to take the world by storm.

BID_72_Birthday Assets_1.1-08

Starting out of one small room, we’ve since expanded to neighboring offices before taking over the whole floor and opened up a brand new office across the street. We’re super proud of the office environments we have created and we like to think it's a fun and pleasant office to work from!

BID_72_Birthday Assets_1.1-05

Four awards in four years! We’re so grateful and proud to have won or placed in Retail Week Awards 2021, Tech Nation Upscale, Yorkshire and Humberside Tech 50, and 100 2020 Ecommerce Trailblazers, with hopefully many more to come - watch this space.

BID_72_Birthday Assets_1.1-04 (1)

Six of our staff members have welcomed beautiful babies into the world whilst working at Bidnamic, and we can’t handle the cuteness. We even have two more on the way!

BID_72_Birthday Assets_1.1-02

Not only are events and trips a great opportunity to learn more and gain connections, they’re a lot of fun and a great way to boost morale. We have been lucky enough to attend lots of events in the past four years (pandemic included!) and we look forward to attending many more. Keep an eye on our socials to see which events we’re attending this year.

BID_72_Birthday Assets_1.1-03

Over the past four years we have supported over 200 clients with their Google Shopping campaigns, and our machine learning technology has amassed to a total of 2.7 billion bid changes and counting!

These are just a few of the numbers that have made Bidnamic continue to grow, not to mention lots of Bidnamic nights out, countless pizza deliveries, and more games of pool and ping pong than we ever thought possible. 

Happy Birthday to us, roll on the next four years!

Charley Panther

Charley Panther

Charley is a Google Shopping specialist within the marketing team. She creates content to simplify the Google Shopping experience and to help ecommerce retailers discover if Google Shopping is the right channel for them.

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