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Lawnmowers Direct saw a 97% increase in revenue with a machine learning solution

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Experts in their field Lawnmowers Direct saw Google Shopping success with Bidnamic
Experts in their field Lawnmowers Direct saw Google Shopping success with Bidnamic

The results

A 97% increase in revenue coupled with a 65% increase in conversions

Lawnmower Direct’s main priority was revenue. When looking at data year-on-year (YoY), our technology platform has increased revenue by 97%. This was coupled with a 65% increase in conversions and 89% increase in conversion rate. Our technology has worked to drastically improve revenue and conversions across the board, amplifying Lawnmower Direct’s profitability over the full year, not just during peak seasons.

Our client also experienced a 33% increase in impressions. Their visibility on the Shopping carousel had increased YoY, helping them to acquire more traffic and more revenue. We’re excited to see Lawnmower Direct’s Google Shopping channel continue to grow.

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The challenge

Increasing revenue and visibility on a competitive channel

Lawnmowers Direct’s biggest concern was revenue and profitability on Google Shopping. They were primarily focused on improving revenue during their peak seasons and making their Shopping channel as efficient as possible.

The client also wanted to increase impressions on the channel and wanted their products to be shown to the most interested shoppers.

Experts in their field Lawnmowers Direct saw Google Shopping success with Bidnamic

We enjoy working with Bidnamic and know that we can rely on them for results. We’ve achieved increases in both revenue and visibility, two things we needed from our Google Shopping channel.

Ashley Hill

Digital Marketing Specialist

The solution

Granular SKU bidding, human expertise, and transparent data

Lawnmower Direct’s part of the Ernest Doe & Sons Ltd group, for whom we already manage Google Shopping for, so they knew we’d be up to the task.

Our technology platform bids on a granular level, treating each SKU in a product catalogue individually. Our technology analyses fluctuations in metrics like conversion rate and average order value and sets bids based on these changes in the market. This provides our clients with the most profitable bid price for the most visibility on the Shopping carousel, helping them appear more prominently than their competitors. 

Our clients also receive regular calls with their Client Success Manager - an expert on all things Google Shopping. These calls are a time to strategise and answer questions, as well as provide insight into data. We’re fully committed to transparent data and provide clients with an informative data dashboard that shows campaign performance whenever our clients want to see it.

Experts in their field Lawnmowers Direct saw Google Shopping success with Bidnamic

The scoop

All of your garden needs in one place

Lawnmowers Direct is part of Ernest Doe & Sons - a family-owned company established in Essex in 1898. Lawnmower Direct is a company going from strength to strength, with a proven track record in providing customers with the best service possible.

Lawnmowers Direct stocks an expansive range of products for any possible need, and couples this with a team of highly trained individuals with knowledge of all aspects of the business. Whether it’s for a large-scale product or for everyday garden use, Lawnmowers Direct has what you’re looking for.

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