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Ivyline takes luxurious products to Google Shopping and beats the competition

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Ivyline saw a massive 157% boost in revenue with granular-level bidding
Ivyline saw a massive 157% boost in revenue with granular-level bidding

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A huge boost in revenue at a decreased cost

Since onboarding with Bidnamic, Ivyline has seen how our technology platform adapts to product catalogues and has grown an impressively successful Google Shopping presence.

Year-on-year (YoY), revenue’s grown by a massive 157%, with conversions seeing a 55% boost. On top of this, click-through rate saw a growth of 32% YoY, highlighting that only the most interested shoppers are being served Ivyline’s Shopping ads. Ivyline has also profited from our bid partitions, allowing us to take advantage of seasonality.

All of this came with a 31% decrease in CPA, saving Ivyline ad revenue that can be funnelled back into other channels.

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A complicated channel to scale and compete successfully

Scaling Google Shopping campaigns in-house can be an extremely time-consuming task. The channel is known for being complex and competitive, making it challenging to keep up with the ever-growing market. 

Ivyline, like many businesses, faced this struggle and sought support to get started on Google Shopping. They needed a solution that would give them greater control over product SKUs and associated bids, which is only possible with the help of technology.


Ivyline saw a massive 157% boost in revenue with granular-level bidding

Bidnamic helped us make Google Shopping a profitable channel. We’re impressed with how Bidnamic's technology adapts to each SKU in our catalogue and takes advantage of seasonality.

Martha Bowen

Marketing Lead

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Adaptive technology on a granular scale

Bidnamic’s machine learning platform analyses fluctuations in traffic and search queries 24/7. Bids are then adjusted in real-time on a granular level: each SKU in a product catalogue is treated individually, maximising visibility and profitability for each item.

Our technology identifies high-intent searches and bids more aggressively for them, targeting users who are ready to make a purchase. This helps to outbid the competition and increase conversions. And what’s more, our Client Success team is on hand to help optimise and strategise how best to improve the Shopping channel and scale further.

Ivyline saw a massive 157% boost in revenue with granular-level bidding
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Designing ethically sourced home and garden products since 1976

Ivyline designs a plethora of high-quality, sustainable home and lifestyle products from their UK studio. The brand puts an emphasis on not only luxurious goods but also on sustainability, with every sourcing decision made with careful consideration of the impact on the planet and reducing their carbon footprint.

With over four decades of experience, Ivyline has built strong customer relationships while continuously evolving and maintaining its brand ethos. The brand has been featured in popular publications like The English Home and Country Living, which has helped to further its growth and success.

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