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Bidnamic unlocks your data

Unlike Performance Max, we give you full access to all the data. Including search terms.

No more guess work.

A Bidnamic dashboard with 100% data transparency

SKU-level data as standard

Bidnamic gives you access to all this data for every product:

bullet-tick Conversion rate 
bullet-tick Impressions
bullet-tick Profitability
bullet-tick Average order value
bullet-tick Cost of sale
bullet-tick Search terms
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Download our data dashboard overview

Understand the data you can access and how Bidnamic will help you improve your performance and listings.

We will send a PDF to the email address provided.

We're also here to help you interpret your data

Hands on with The Union Project

In-house expertise whenever you need it

Your dedicated client success manager is on hand to advise you every step of the way.

Allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Learn how Google Shopping data has driven growth for our customers

Bidnamic helped Holcros to identify top performers and optimise their listings

Our on-hand team worked with Holcros and their performance data to enhance their Merchant Center product listings.

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Bidnamic enabled Engel Coolers to rise to the top of Google

Understanding their PLA search term data enabled Engel to better target their converting audiences. Along with reducing their CPC.

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