The busiest time for retailers is on the horizon: Black Friday. 

Each year, ecommerce retailers race to prepare for the influx in demand and search traffic that comes with Black Friday. This year, Black Friday falls on Friday the 25th of November.

We use our technology platform to help our clients get the best performance possible on Google Shopping over the Black Friday weekend to compete successfully in their industry.

In 2021, we outperformed the previous year by a significant amount and helped our clients take full advantage of Black Friday - let’s take a closer look.

Black Friday 2020

In 2020 - a year that will forever be linked to the COVID-19 pandemic - ecommerce retailers reaped the benefits of national lockdowns as shoppers turned to the internet to get hold of the items they wanted.

During Black Friday 2020, our clients on average received a grand total of 159,000 clicks and 37.15% search impression share. Our technology helps our clients’ ads get to the front position on the Google Shopping carousel using machine learning, boosting visibility and, therefore, the chances of conversions.

Overall, the average conversion rate of all of our clients during Black Friday 2020 was 2.48%.

Graphics showing our clients had 159,000 clicks and 37.5% impression share during Black Friday 2020

Black Friday 2021

Fast forward one year and our clients amassed 342,000 clicks in total, more than doubling 2020’s figure, as well as achieving a 40.14% search impression share.

Despite 2020's boom in online traffic, our clients saw their 2021 Black Friday performance soar, surpassing the previous year. The average conversion rate for our clients during Black Friday 2021 was 4.19%.

Bidnamic's machine learning platform targets search queries that historically and in real-time demonstrate high purchase intent. This prevents wasted ad budget and ensures your ads are served to the most interested and ready-to-buy shoppers. During times of increased search traffic such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, our approach is even more critical to profitability.

Graphic showing that our clients got 342,000 clicks and 40.1% impression share during Black Friday 2021

The comparison

Between 2020 and 2021, Bidnamic scaled up the performance of our clients and exceeded their expectations.

Comparing the two years, there was an overall positive increase of 216% in clicks, 232% in impressions, and a whopping 239% increase in conversions on average across all of our clients. 

Graphic showing a comparison of the 2020 and 2021 results during the Black Friday period

When it comes to boosting visibility, our technology platform bids on individual SKUs as well as granularly for specific search terms. This helps to target the most interested shoppers and ensure they see our client's ad at when they're ready to buy. 

At a time like Black Friday when there’s increased competition, it’s important you’re prepared. From your warehouse and staffing to organised and optimised ads online, there are a few things to tick off to help you have a smooth and profitable Black Friday weekend - check out our checklist for more details.

If you’re interested in how we can help you optimise your Google Shopping channel, book a demo today.

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