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A checklist to prepare

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

This year’s Black Friday will be dominated by online shopping, which means it’s likely that consumers will be looking for deals earlier this year. We’ve seen that hype needs to be created in advance to stand out, as there are going to be so many businesses shouting about their promotions, it’s really important to get more people in front of your promotions. We’ve seen this happen efficiently by retailers leveraging influencers and email marketing to really drive the buzz, whether it’s smaller discounts or spot buys on the lead up to Black Friday.

Test and test again

Can your website handle a surge in traffic? There’s nothing more stressful than a site going down. You can test your site speed using tools like k6 cloud and if your store is on Shopify, they have their own online store speed report. 

Multi-Channel selling

If you’re not already, you’ll want to start selling on multiple channels. Identify which channels have brought you the most success and double down on those. 

Prepare for the worst

With the recent UK lockdown, have you checked your suppliers are still shipping? It’s important to prepare for the worst now, it will be much easier to plan for it now than to be faced with a crisis on an already busy, stressful day.

Inventory decisions

Choosing which products to promote should be done as early as possible, so you can make sure your suppliers have plenty of stock. Have a look at last year’s Black Friday sales and see what sold best – Consider pandemic product trends, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel but if you’re already selling some of the following products it might be worth considering. Our data has shown an increase in the following since March; 

  • Home & Garden furniture
  • Home office supplies
  • Board games 
  • Home Gym equipment
  • Leisurewear 

Organise your upcoming promotions

Look at which promotions you’ll be running ahead of time, review your margins and inventory to find suitable discounts.

Order and fulfilment workflows

A surge in sales in a short period can make it harder to fulfil and get orders to customers on time. Below are a few things you can do to ensure a smooth, functioning fulfilment workflow.

Organise your fulfilment area – If you’re using a warehouse or an office to ship orders, you want to make sure that your best-sellers are accessible for quicker picking and packing,

Hire additional staff – If you’re using Bidnamic software already, you know you’ll be getting an influx of orders and you might need a pair of extra hands to make sure your customer gets their products on time.

Communicate – Bidnamic will be on hand to assist you with any Google Shopping needs during the Black Friday weekend. It won’t hurt to keep in regular contact with your fulfilment
and delivery staff to avoid any errors and save your time.

Retarget past visitors and customers

By using retargeting lists you’ll reach people who might have forgotten about you! Your existing customers should be generally easier to reach than brand new customers, and they’ll be more receptive to your latest promotions.


Alibaba reported that on Single’s day 2019, over 90% of sales were on mobile. You should make sure your site is fully optimised for mobile. Don’t forget about the checkout process too, especially on mobile, you can lose conversions if the consumer has to fill out too many fields. Options like fast, Shop Pay or Google Pay can provide the extra boost needed to make those conversions.

Data, data, data!

Knowledge is power and understanding your customers’ journey is crucial. Bidnamic offers custom dashboards so you can see exactly what your customers are looking for and push for that extra traffic.

To learn more about how we can optimise your Black Friday sales, book a call with us.

Laura Burton

Laura Burton

Laura is a Google Shopping specialist, who works in our marketing team. She writes content for Bidnamic as well as ensuring the team has everything they need to help our clients.