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We’re back with another breakout guide, following the popularity of our 2021 Google Shopping Playbook. This time, we’re talking average order value (AOV), and how increasing your AOV can boost the performance of your Google Shopping campaigns.

Are you struggling to drive your AOV in the increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape? Breathe a sigh of relief: our guide to advanced techniques to help boost AOV is available now.

Why should I download it?

Our guide covers six factors with the biggest impact on your average order value,  Discover your gateway products and learn how to really take advantage of them alongside a bunch of valuable strategies you can use to boost AOV, all in our handy little guide - not bad for 13 pages, ey?

That’s not all: the guide features six fantastic case studies using intelligent technologies from just a handful of our partners including Klarna, Salesfire, Vue.ai, and Attraqt. From the benefits of payment alternatives to having real-time basket recommendations and hyper-personalisation, our partners demonstrate a number of techniques you could be using to grow your AOV.

This really is the one-stop shop for all things AOV and is a treasure trove of helpful tips and tricks. If you’re looking for professional advice from key players in the industry, this guide is for you.

Download our Guide to Boosting Average Order Value

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