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What are the benefits of using Google Shopping?

Google Shopping offers many benefits for retailers. Businesses can take advantage of Google’s huge reach (as the world’s most popular search engine) to increase brand visibility and drive website traffic. Product listings can be optimised through various means, one being negative keywords, to help target the most relevant shoppers.

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Shopping ads appear prominently on SERPs and grab shoppers’ attention with images, giving retailers a fantastic opportunity to attract customers.

How to manage Google Shopping 

Google Shopping is infamously complex to manage when dealing with a large product SKU catalogue. There are a few different ways for you to manage your Shopping campaigns:

In-house management

It’s possible to manage your Shopping campaigns in-house without outsourcing help. This gives you complete control over your campaigns, but it does require the expertise needed to fully optimise campaigns for performance. 

Businesses with a large number of SKUs may struggle when it comes to optimising bids due to the manual nature of this. While not impossible, it's difficult to get the full potential out of Shopping campaigns with manual management.

To combat the need to optimise on an individual SKU level, Google recommends grouping SKUs by common factors like product type or gender. This calculates one CPC for all of the SKUs in a group via broad-range values. It’s risky: you could underbid on some SKUs, lose valuable traffic, or be overbidding for others, wasting your ad spend.

Specialist PPC agency

Using a specialist PPC agency means accredited specialists work on your campaigns. Some retailers report having difficulty having access to fully transparent data reporting from agencies, meaning they give up control of their campaigns.

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Automated machine learning platform

Another option you have is to utilise a machine learning platform to automate bids and optimisation as part of your ad strategy. Using this technology allows you to bid on a granular SKU level and avoid grouping together SKUs. This will help you to place the most profitable bid on each SKU, taking into account fluctuations in search traffic.

Bidnamic’s technology platform works in this way. Our technology filters search queries by purchase intent and updates in real-time, 24/7, based on changes in conversion rate, click-through rate, and many other variables. 

This method allows us to bid more aggressively for queries with high purchase intent, maximising profit and minimising the chance of your ad being served to irrelevant shoppers. 

Interested in how our technology works? See how our technology could help you

Google Shopping integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce

If you’re running a store through Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce you can link your products up to Google Shopping and start maximising your visibility.

If you want to get started with integration, check out the guides below:

Use Google Shopping alongside Shopify
Integrate Google Shopping with WooCommerce
Connect your BigCommerce store to Google Shopping

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