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What's the experience like when you work with Bidnamic?

We're not just here to provide you with run-of-the-mill performance reports. Our cutting-edge technology automatically fine-tunes your campaigns, but that's just the beginning. Our Google Shopping experts and data analysts regularly provide valuable insights beyond Google Shopping.

Take, for instance, our Merchant Center insight workshops. These deep-dives often unearth golden opportunities to perfect your Merchant Center setup and enhance your campaign performance.

Here's a sneak peek into what we typically cover.

Auditing your Merchant Center

The Merchant Center can be overwhelming, especially if you have a large inventory, making it all too easy for quick wins to pass you by. We tailor the workshop to your needs, so if you aren't familiar with Merchant Center, we're happy to break it down and demonstrate how it works, highlight important attributes to success in your industry, and the pesky disapprovals holding you back. 

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But if you're already a black belt in all things Merchant Center, we'll take a more sophisticated approach.

Identifying what's crucial to your success

There's a lot to consider in the Merchant Center and uploading a detailed feed for your huge catalog can be overwhelming and tedious. Our Account Managers use in-depth knowledge of your business alongside industry benchmarking to identify the most important attributes to your success.

Focusing your attention towards significant attributes gives you a leg-up in the competition against top retailers.

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Can we help you outperform your competition?
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Highlighting disapprovals

Google has lots of rules around how to advertise different kinds of products, and failing to comply can result in a disapproval, meaning that product won't serve in searches.

merchant center insights-2Some of the rules are specific and sometimes difficult to get your head around. Your Account Manager will help you understand why your ads are being disapproved and what you can do to fix it. So you can get back to selling without the stress.

Merchant Center tips

Our technology works best for clients with fully optimized Merchant Centers. So to help you make the most of Google Shopping, our expert Account Managers can help you make effective and efficient changes to the Merchant Center.attributes merchant center-3

For instance, we advize on creating supplemental feeds in ways that optimize your individual business. If you'd like help on setting up a supplemental feed, we can plan our workshop to give you a walkthrough.

Discover more client insights

Our clients benefit from bespoke competitor insights - deep-dives into your competition and the opportunities to revamp your strategy and elevate your campaigns to the next level.

Or discover how our SKU-level ROAS insights prevent our clients from wasting ad spend and help to make the most out of their Google Shopping campaigns.

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