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What's the experience like when you work with Bidnamic?

We're not just here to provide you with run-of-the-mill performance reports. Our cutting-edge technology automatically fine-tunes your campaigns, but that's just the beginning. Our Google Shopping experts and data analysts regularly provide valuable insights beyond Google Shopping.

Take, for instance, our SKU-level insight workshops. These deep-dives analyze your spend and ROAS at the SKU level, so you can clearly see which products can be pulled back and which are the real money-makers.

Here's a sneak peek into what they typically cover.

Identifying your high spend, low ROAS products

We can provide SKU insights on a monthly basis or at your request. For instance, if you wanted to know more about the performance of a specific brand or range of products. We try to avoid holding this workshop too early when our algorithm is still in its learning phase and some products may not have had as much 'chance' to serve.

Performance analysis by ranking

To analyze your SKU-by-SKU ROAS, we look at the products making up the top 50-70% of spend and split them into four groups based on their ROAS ranking. This way you can identify your real breadwinners, and where you could save yourself some money. To keep it simple, the rankings are split by 'Excellent', 'Average', 'Low', and 'Very low'.

SKU ROAS insights workshop report-2-1SKU ROAS insights workshop report-3-1

Real example from a client's SKU-ROAS insight workshop

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Can we help you outperform your competition?
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But if you'd like to delve into the ROAS performance more granularly and look at the performance of specific products or ranges, you can explore the SKUs in each group.  Whatever works best for you.

sku roas insights sku level-3

Recommendations tailored to your priorities

Rather than immediately pulling ad spend away from high-spending but poorly performing products, we'll bring them to your attention first.

It might be that you want to continue with the current spend and push these SKUs, say if your current business strategy is to push stock to free-up warehouse space. Your inside knowledge is invaluable, and together our SKU-level insights can complement your long and short-term strategies.

We can present our findings in a call or just send over the analysis with our recommendations attached. It's designed to be digestible and easy-to-understand, so you're kept in the loop.

Bidnamic shares SKU-level ROAS reports by email or over a call. Whichever you prefer.

More client exclusive insights

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