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Suppliers of best-in-class products find profitability on Google Shopping

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Increased revenue and a lower CPA thanks to intent funnel optimisation
Increased revenue and a lower CPA thanks to intent funnel optimisation

The results

Increased revenue and conversions at a lower cost

Revenue was one of Yards Store’s biggest concerns surrounding their Google Shopping campaigns. Working with us, Yards Store has seen a 37% increase in revenue year-on-year (YoY). What’s more, conversions have increased by 27% with their overall conversion rate rising by 87% YoY.

Revenue was overall boosted 38% with our intent funnel optimisation, while also cutting CPA by 31%, making Google Shopping a significant and profitable channel for Yards Store.

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The challenge

Juggling increased revenue and advertising costs

Like many retailers, Yards Store struggled to make their Google Shopping channel profitable. The major concern was a low ROAS and needing to increase revenue while keeping advertising costs low. This can be a difficult task as Google Shopping is known to be highly competitive.

Yards Store also wanted to increase visibility online to grow its brand awareness. Vying for one of the top spots on Google Shopping can be challenging, especially when managed manually in-house. However, it’s a must for retailers aiming to maximise their visibility and requires constant observation and adjustment to maintain those positions.

Increased revenue and a lower CPA thanks to intent funnel optimisation

We’ve been impressed by Bidnamic’s ability to drive revenue while lowering costs. We now feel like Google Shopping is a successful and profitable channel for our business.

Adam Frost


The solution

24/7 granular bidding with real human expertise

Yards Store needed a solution that would improve revenue from their Google Shopping channel, which could also help to boost their visibility on the Shopping carousel.

Bidnamic’s machine learning platform operates at an individual SKU level, allowing us to bid granularly. We bid aggressively for high-intent search terms, targeting the most interested shoppers to maximise potential revenue and limit wasted ad spend. 

Our team of Google Shopping experts are also on hand to help with Google Merchant Center optimisation and general advice so that our clients get the best results from their campaigns.

Increased revenue and a lower CPA thanks to intent funnel optimisation

The scoop

British and international brands curated by passionate individuals

With a brick-and-mortar store based in Manchester, UK, Yards Store is the perfect destination for shoppers looking for curated items from brands like New Balance, Carhartt, Gramicci, and more.

Everything sold at Yards Store is high-quality, curated, and aims to be a little different, standing out from the crowd. You’re bound to have your interest piqued by one or more of their products, and their passionate staff are on hand to guide you through their collection of goods whenever you need them.

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