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Outdoor specialists climb to the top of Google Shopping

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Appalachian Outfitters increase revenue by 37% using Bidnamic's SKU level bidding | Bidnamic
Appalachian Outfitters increase revenue by 37% using Bidnamic's SKU level bidding | Bidnamic

The results

Appalachian Outfitters boasts some impressive stats since onboarding with Bidnamic 

Since working with Bidnamic, Appalachian Outfitters have seen a very positive improvement in their Google Shopping results. 

The outdoor specialists increased their clicks by a massive 139% YoY using Bidnamic’s automated technology. What’s more, they boosted their impressions by 65% and their impression share by 48% YoY. Their revenue has increased by 37% and their conversions by 2% YoY.

Overall, a great improvement, and we are so excited to continue working together and see the outdoor lovers grow even more on Google Shopping.

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The challenge

Achieving and maintaining ROAS without compromising on profitability

Appalachian Outfitters wanted to be able to maintain a particular ROAS target to make sure their ads were profitable. Essentially, their goal was to increase their online sales, while not overspending and wasting money on ads. 

They have a huge product catalogue, so manual edits to the campaigns that target each product simply weren't feasible or time manageable. They needed a solution that uses machine learning technology to adjust the ads automatically, so they could focus their time and energy on other areas of the business. 


Appalachian Outfitters increase revenue by 37% using Bidnamic's SKU level bidding | Bidnamic

Bidnamic has been an amazing partner for us since the start, and an integral part of our success online.

Kevin Leffler

Senior Buyer

The solution

Bidnamic’s technology conducts bid management on a granular SKU level

Appalachian Outfitters required an effective solution, and Bidnamic have exactly that. We conduct bid management on a granular SKU level, ensuring that each of your SKUs sits in it’s own bidding ‘sweet-spot’. 

We also bid aggressively on high intent search terms using a purchase intent funnel constructed from real-time and historic search term data. We’re passionate about transparency and providing all this data to our clients in their own data studio account.

What’s more, every client is allocated a Client Success Manager and Data Analyst to oversee performance. Bidnamic clients receive weekly scheduled calls with their dedicated team who provide support, feedback and ecommerce advice expanding beyond the Google Shopping platform.

Appalachian Outfitters increase revenue by 37% using Bidnamic's SKU level bidding | Bidnamic

The scoop

Outdoor specialists with years of experience sell top quality products for those passionate about the outdoors

The family-owned business was founded back in 1988, and now boasts a large retail store and rock gym in Ohio. They stock top brands and high quality products for any outdoor activity - you name it! Passionate about the outdoors, Appalachian Outfitters want their customers to have the very best equipment to enhance their experience. 

Appalachian Outfitters take pride in giving back to their community, and they like to support groups that protect the environment. Some of their community work includes helping to clear up the Cuyahoga River during River Days and supporting the Haven of Rest programmes for the homeless with coat drives and sock drives.

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