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Reducing cart abandonment rates is one of the most important things for any ecommerce site to do, and particularly from the perspective of an ecommerce manager. There is little more frustrating for an online retailer than a customer filling up their basket and abandoning it before - or at - the checkout.

In this video, Chester from Salesfire will highlight some of the reasons why customers abandon their baskets, and solutions that you can implement to prevent this from happening.


Establishing social proofing - 0:49
Create urgency - 1:30
Provide numerous payment methods - 2:12
Promote free delivery - 3:28
Be transparent in communications - 4:18
Simplify checkout pages - 5:07
Salesfire - 6:45

Laura Burton

Laura Burton

Laura is a Senior Content Marketing Executive. She creates video content for Bidnamic as well as ensures the team has everything they need to help our clients.

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