In case you missed it, on April 14th 2021, Bidnamic partnered up with The Fashion Network to present the Google Shopping masterclass.

We’re pleased to have created an interactive webinar with a panel of experts, including Bidnamic’s Co-Founder and CEO, Liam Patterson, as well as Lounge Underwear’s Hannah Lewis, Klarna’s Director of UK Partnerships, Kevin Ward, and Yours Clothing’s Alex Green.

If you’re looking to optimise your approach to Google Shopping, have a listen to some of the UK’s leading retailers on how they benefit from the platform.

You can watch the full masterclass below:

Browse more FAQs, updates to Google Shopping, and resources. Alternatively, if you have any more questions surrounding your Google Shopping approach and the challenges you’re facing, book a call with one of our Google Shopping specialists.

You can also read our 2021 Google Shopping Playbook – Fashion editionOr, you can read our guide to Google Shopping management approaches, as we explore each method and their suitability to your business.

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