Bidnamic Discovery Pages are dynamic landing pages for Google Shopping campaigns. They are built for speed and optimised for conversions.

What problems do Discovery Pages solve?

We analysed data from hundreds of thousands of Google Shopping campaigns and identified that our clients were losing millions of potential sales after successfully winning clicks from Google searches.

Our clients also told us that they had invested time and expertise into optimising their product detail pages to increase conversion rates, but with limited success.

So we approached the issue from a channel-specific perspective: what does the perfect Google Shopping landing page look like?

The result was Discovery Pages. Built with the Google Shopping customer in mind, ensuring that their journey from click to checkout is friction-free and removes the limitations of product pages.

Your business case for Discovery Pages

Discovery Pages deliver measurable improvements in two important areas.

Firstly, the fast page load speed reduces the bounce rate.

Secondly, by using AI-driven product recommendations, we map the relevance of the products that are displayed on the landing page to the search term, reducing the risk that the visitor returns to the search results and is lost to a competitor.

What are the measurable improvements you can expect from Discovery Pages?

This table illustrates the revenue uplift that can be expected by reducing the bounce rate by 10%:

  Current With Discovery Pages
Monthly traffic (clicks) 100,000 100,000
Bounce rate 50% 45%
Engaged sessions 50,000 55,000
Conversion rate 1.0% 1.1%
Number of sales 1000 1100
Average order value £60 £60
Monthly revenue £60,000 £66,000


Tailoring your landing pages to match user expectations arriving from paid and often generic searches helps to reduce bounce rate and allows for enhanced engagement, as illustrated in the increase from 50,000 to 55,000 engaged sessions. And with greater engagement, we see a 10% uplift in conversion rate from 1.0% to 1.1%.

By focusing efforts on enhancing the user experience, bounce rate is cut back by 10%, opening the door to increased conversion rate, with an uplift in sales of 10%, or £6,000.

Simply put, investing in your conversion funnel from Shopping and Search ads to enhance user experience improves conversion rates and revenue growth.

Discovery Pages helped Appalachian Outfitters increase conversion rate by 11%, cutting bounce rate by 9%

Appalachian Outfitters increased conversion rate by 11% and reduced bounce rate by 9% with Bidnamic Discovery Pages.Learn more

Or click to find out how Discovery Pages work.

Speak to one of our experts to uncover your potential uplift in conversion rates Book a demo
Speak to one of our experts to uncover your potential uplift in conversion rates
Book a demo

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