Ever thought about adjusting your CPCs when a big event is coming up? Not just any big event, but one relevant to your audience and their interests. Be it Eurovision, New York Fashion Week, Glastonbury Festival, or even the Champions League Final, you could be capturing more traffic when they’re particularly eager to buy.

One client of ours does just that. Specialising in football jerseys and boots, our client is repeatedly presented with huge opportunities to convert football fans into paying customers - tournaments and world cups.

In the 2018 World Cup, the French team sported Nike-sponsored jerseys. As Les Bleus continued to knock their rivals out of the competition, fans worldwide were more and more eager to get their hands on a France 2018 World Cup jersey.

Much like the French, our client thwarted their competition, finding themselves in the top position (...on the carousel). Our client’s automated bidding enabled them to bid more aggressively for high intent search terms, capturing even more purchase-ready traffic than Nike, the team's official sponsor!

But how can you make sure you win the first position on the Google Shopping carousel without overspending on your conversions?

Automation enables retailers to analyse performance data in real-time, actioning a new CPC at a higher or lower bid. At the same time, historical and real-time purchase intent data is used to determine the likelihood of conversion from the click to avoid capturing uninterested traffic.

Automation saves PPC managers countless hours spent calculating bid prices. Bidnamic’s technology does all the above but we go further. Our technology calculates and adjusts CPCs at an individual SKU level, maximising ROAS for every product in every variation, and cutting wasted ad spend from irrelevant traffic. 

And what's more, we provide our clients with all their search term data. Here's why your data actually matters.

Will you be watching the Champions League Final this weekend, or will you spend it updating your CPCs?

Interested to see how Bidnamic can boost your Google Shopping performance? Why not book a demo with one of our Google Shopping Specialists today.

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