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Maybe you’re getting some help with managing your account, or perhaps you want to fully understand the performance of your campaigns. Either way, you need to know how to accept access into your Google Ads account.

To request access, a third-party will need your customer identification number (CID), also known as your Google Ads ID. If you’re struggling to find this, take a look at our simple guide here.

Accepting access in Google Ads

Thankfully, Google has made it easy for you to accept third-party access to your Google Ads account.

From the main overview page, look at the top right corner of the screen and click on ‘tools & settings’ (1). From there, click the ‘setup’ (2) dropdown menu, and then click ‘access and security’ (3).

Instructions showing how to accept invitations on Google Ads

This will take you to the ‘users’ page, which will show you any pending invitations (1), and allow you to either accept or decline them (2).

You’ll also be given a list of all users with access to your account.

Instructions showing how to accept pending invitations on the Merchant CenterClick to enlarge

The next steps

If you’ve accepted access for us here at Bidnamic, we’ll gather data from your Google Ads account and perform an audit of your campaigns. With access, we can run analysis on both your search term data and SKU performance.

This will help us put together a personalised presentation showing you how our technology could optimise your Google Shopping efforts. To get started on maximising your Shopping channel, book a free consultation with a specialist today.

Harrie-Anna Wormald

Harrie-Anna Wormald

Previously a Google Shopping Specialist, Harrie-Anna now coordinates our Customer Success team in helping clients to understand our technology, how their account is performing, and providing advice for client-side optimisations. She also manages Bidnamic’s onboarding process and our employee book club.