Go on, have a guess…

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The answer is a whopping 5,289 years. 

Admittedly, this is a fairly rough calculation based on an average time of one minute per bid change. But 5,289 years! Insane, right? 

It’s all down to our clever technology. The complexity of managing Google Shopping has gone beyond what humans can manage. We overcome this by combining machine learning with human thinking.

Here are some other big numbers for you.


Head spinning at the thought of what all that time saved and turbo-charged clicks and impressions could do for your business? (The total numbers are actually a lot higher but our data doesn’t go back to our earlier days, sigh).

Let’s take a closer look at some of those numbers…

With real-time reactions to fluctuations in search traffic, our clients experience more impressions on the Google Shopping carousel and have their products shown to only the most interested shoppers.

More visibility on the carousel means more clicks. 136 million of them in the case of our clients.

With automation, you too could minimise wasted ad spend and improve your click-through rates by making sure your Shopping ads are only served to high-intent shoppers.

Picture this: you have 50,000 SKUs in your product catalogue, one in-house ecommerce manager, and precious little time to spend on making manual bid changes. Sound familiar?

We’ve taken that load off of our clients’ shoulders, and have managed well over 82 million SKUs in our time.

You may find that your ads are showing to shoppers at inopportune times, or for irrelevant search queries. You may even be paying too much for these bids, leading to wasted ad budgets.

Our Targeted Search Term (TST) technology can bid for each of your unique search terms, helping you show up on the carousel when it matters most. The last thing you want is to overbid on ‘awareness’ search terms, and our machine learning platform can prevent this.

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