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Benefits of using Google Shopping with BigCommerce
Requirements to link BigCommerce with Google Shopping
How to link BigCommerce with Google Shopping

Benefits of using Google Shopping with BigCommerce

The main benefit of linking the two services is the increase in visibility your products will get. Having Shopping ads for your products on the world’s most used search engine will help promote both your shop and products to a huge audience, increasing your chance of conversions.

Advertising your BigCommerce products on Google Shopping can help to improve your CTR. Google crawls your product feed and then matches products to relevant search queries, helping shoppers find what they’re looking for.

Google Shopping also gives you more control over audience targeting, which will allow you to target specific audience segments. This will help you get the most out of the channel and minimize wasted ad spend.

Requirements to link BigCommerce with Google Shopping

There are a few requirements for linking BigCommerce with Google Shopping.

You’ll need:

  • A Google account - you’ll need this to make the accounts listed below.
  • A Google Merchant Center account - this is necessary to connect your BigCommerce account with both Google Shopping and Google Ads.

New to Merchant Center? We’ve got you covered

  • A Google Ads account - this is required if you want to pay for Google Shopping (free listings are available on the Shopping tab shown on Google).

How to link BigCommerce with Google Shopping

BigCommerce has developed a free app called Ads and Listings on Google. This app allows retailers to sync their BigCommerce store’s product catalog with Google Merchant Center, helping you to take advantage of free product listings on Google’s Shopping tab.

Follow these steps to connect your BigCommerce shop with Google Shopping:

  1. On BigCommerce, click on Channel Manager and then Create channel.
  2. Under the Ads and social heading, you’ll see Google Ads. Click on Connect next to this and then also click Connect next to Ads and Listings on Google.
  3. Select the storefront you want to sync with.
  4. Click Sign in with Google and choose the appropriate Google account. Make sure you tick all of the boxes so that BigCommerce can access your entire Google account. Once done, hit Continue.
  5. You’ll then be shown the requirements your store needs to meet to connect with Google. Click on Review and confirm next to each requirement and then click Confirm when you’re finished.
  6. Next, connect your Google Merchant Center account.
  7. Connect your Google Ads account, too.
  8. Click Activate channel to complete the process.

Once you’ve followed all of the steps above, your products will be eligible for free product listings on the Shopping tab, and you can use Google Ads to set up paid campaigns.

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