We’re ecstatic to announce the release of the Bidnamic 2021 Google Shopping playbook, for the attention of online fashion retailers everywhere.

Are you a Marketing Director at a bit of a loss with Google Shopping? Do you feel you’ve hit a glass ceiling scaling your Shopping ads?

Our Google Shopping playbook spans a number of topics: the market trends which have entered hyper-growth in 2020 (and those primed to erupt this year), the advantage of granular data and the actionable insights it provides, and how to utilize these benefits in your approach.

Moreover, with the help of our brilliant, official partners, we’ve been able to share the top tools and platforms to execute those new advantages. Finally, our playbook explores one of the biggest questions in ecommerce right now: which is better, manual or automated bidding?

If you’re actively looking to reach the next level with your campaigns and to take real advantage of this platform, this manual is a gold mine.

You can find our Google Shopping Playbook right here. We’ll be releasing more industry-specific playbooks in the future, keep your eyes peeled!


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