Ecommerce has accelerated massively in the past few years, it’s never been easier to sell to customers but it’s never been harder to reach them. If you are thinking about making a move to Google Shopping or are changing your Google Shopping Agency, below are some questions you should ask them to determine if they are going to be able to optimise your Google Shopping and increase your PPC income. 

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  1. What evidence do they have of providing this service to businesses similar to yours? Can you speak to existing clients that are similar to you to take references?
  2. What percentage of the vendor’s total revenues come from providing this specialist service? How many specialist team members are dedicated to providing this service?
  3. Does the vendor charge a percentage of your advertising spend, or a flat fee? Do they get rebates from Google in return for their clients’ increased advertising spend, and if so do they pay it back to you in full?
  4. Is there an additional fee for technical support and strategic advice?
  5. Do they offer a dashboard that provides you with real-time performance statistics, including areas of over-and under-performance?
  6. How easy is it for you to see which search terms are driving the most profitable results?
  7. How often are you able to speak to your account manager, what is the level of their technical expertise, and how easy is it for you to get in touch with them if you have a query?
  8. Are they able to adjust your bids based on the purchase intent of the search term?
  9. Are they able to adjust your bids automatically and in real-time, with no human intervention, or is it a manual process?
  10. Do they have proprietary technology or techniques that other providers don’t have?
  11. Are they able to adjust bids at an individual SKU level?
  12. Are they able to continue to manage your account effectively if you scale your product range and enter new geographical markets?
  13. If you decide to terminate the agreement, do you lose access to any of the data that your campaigns have generated? 

You can read more information on types of Google Shopping management here, and our guide to PPC agencies here. If you would like to speak to us about how we can optimise your Google Shopping, please book a call with us.

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