Earlier this year, we hosted our workshop, 'Ecommerce growth strategies retailers wish they had known earlier' at Internet Retail Expo (IRX) 2021. Here's some of our favourite snippets from the workshop over both days of the event...

Boosting web traffic with your social media

 How elements of business have changed throughout the pandemic
 The true value of data
 Standing out from the crowd
 Unlikely places to find your customers
Watch the workshop in full

Max Wright on how a biscuit poll increased website traffic

Max Wright, media associate at Medisave, explains how his team used pandemic restrictions to shift their social strategy and build a relationship with their audience via social channels. By being more personable and 'human' they were able to engage with their audience better. 

Salesfire discusses key business changes in 'Strange & Unique 18 months' 

In this clip, James Lees, Head of Client Services at Salesfire talks about the key business changes their clients made in the last two years. 

Liam Patterson on the importance of data

Liam Patterson, CEO at Bidnamic discusses the importance of data and using it to your advantage.

Liam Patterson on how retailers can stand out

In another clip, CEO Liam Patterson explains how retailers can stand out in an ever increasingly competitive industry.

Max Wright on 'Unlikely places to find your customers'

In this clip Max Wright, Media Associate at Medisave UK discusses how they found some of their audience in unlikely places, such as reddit forums and how these unusual channels lead to more sales. 

Full panel discussion

If you liked what you heard in the snippets, you can watch the full panel discussion here. 

Getting back to live events has been a great experience for all of us who got to go. We're looking forward to attending plenty more events in 2022 - watch this space, we'll keep you updated!

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