If you applied to use Bidnamic CSS and need a little extra support, you've found yourself in the right place. By now, a member of our team should have sent over a request to provide Bidnamic CSS to your Merchant Center items. Don't worry, this won't give us permission to change or delete your campaigns.

If you're not sure how to accept just follow the steps below. Let's get started.

Accepting the Bidnamic CSS request

Step one

Log in to Merchant Center and enter the settings (the cog shape) in the top bar. You should see our request. 

Step two

Simply click 'accept'.

It should take around one working day to see 'CSS: Bidnamic' appear where it currently says 'CSS: Google Shopping" or the name of your current CSS provider if you're already using one.

Once you've accepted our request, we should get an automatic email, so we know you're all settled in.

Bidnamic CSS onboarding FAQs

How do I know if Bidnamic CSS is active?

Where you would usually see 'CSS: Google Shopping', you should now see 'CSS: Bidnamic'. See the image below.

Accurate Bidnamic CSS set up
A Data Analyst's screenshot of a paying client's Merchant Center

You would also see your own email address rather than a Bidnamic address.

Who should I contact if Bidnamic CSS isn't activated?

If you run into a problem, simply contact our team at css@bidnamic.com.
Please note, this email is not used for other customer service enquiries or by other departments.

What do I do if I'm already using another CSS provider?

Your current CSS provider will receive and need to accept our request. You should contact them to explain that you've chosen to switch CSS provider and that they need to accept the request. With some providers, this can take up to two weeks.

What should I do if my free listings are removed?

In rare cases, switching CSS provider may prevent your free listings from serving. If this happens, let us know by emailing us at css@bidnamic.com including your Merchant Center ID and we'll sort it out for you. Please note, this email is not used for other customer service enquiries or by other departments.

Interested in using Bidnamic CSS?

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