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Weekly calls with Bidnamic

What happens in your weekly call?

We find that weekly calls are the best way to keep you in the loop with what's going on in your Google Shopping account. During our weekly calls we recap any previous action points and any particularly insightful points on their performance.

For the benefit of both the client and ourselves, we like to look at the account performance as granularly as possible, paying attention to what our clients find especially important. For some clients that might be the numbers and what exactly has happened since their last call with Bidnamic. Other clients are more interested in what their data means for their business.

Our portfolio of clients spans growing businesses and well-established enterprises, meaning our clients' key goals and targets differ hugely. For our Client Success Team, it's really important to help our clients understand how Bidnamic's system helps them to reach their individual goals.

Who will I be speaking to?

Usually, the weekly call is a one-on-one between the point of contact from the client's side and the Client Success Manager. However, depending on the agenda of your call, you may also be joined by your Data Analyst, a Data Scientist, or the Google Shopping Specialist who presented your audit.

What's so good about weekly calls?

You're a busy person, so what's in it for you joining calls every week? We have a multitude of reasons to keep in touch with you, particularly during your first 12 weeks with Bidnamic.

You're in the loop

Joining weekly calls means you're always kept in the loop: you know exactly how your campaigns are performing, how they're performing compared to current industry averages, and how Bidnamic is looking after your account. If we only spoke with you once a month, you could miss out on heaps of data insights or opportunities to provide information to improve your performance. While it's a relief to take the burden of bid management off your shoulders, it's understandably difficult to hand complete control over to someone else entirely.

Your expertise

No one knows your business like you do. Making sure we keep regular contact ensures you're kept central and can provide input as an industry expert. Weekly calls give us both ample opportunity to share our insights and help you beat your competition, and pairing your knowledge with Bidnamic's expertise and AI technology helps produce greater results than machine learning technology alone.

Optimizing for new campaigns

Weekly calls also enable Bidnamic to act more dynamically, like an extension of your in-house team. So if you decide to host a flash sale starting in just a few weeks, we can get involved, optimizing your Shopping campaigns to drive traffic and profitability. Sure email's great, but nothing could replace a real-time conversation.

While our AI technology calculates precise bids and saves retailers like you a vast amount of valuable time managing Google Shopping, we find clients who maintain a high level of communication are the happiest with our service.

What our clients have to say

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