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Google Shopping is a fantastic channel for retailers to get products in front of interested shoppers. There’s a whole host of management options available when it comes to Shopping - some working better for certain retailers than others. 

If your current management provider isn’t cutting the mustard, you’re probably pretty eager to choose another option that meets your expectations (and then some!) But often, retailers feel their provider is serving them just fine. Just. Fine. So why try anything else?

We’re here to reassure you that changing your provider can lead to better results and that the risks are outweighed by the benefits.

“My current solution is working. Why risk trying something new?”

If you’re getting good results from your current platform, then it can understandably feel risky changing tactics and trying something new.

For instance, many advertisers are happy using Google Smart Shopping and find that it works for their business model. They’re happy with the performance and would rather not risk swapping it out for something else in case it damages their success.

Google has retired Smart Shopping campaigns and has replaced them with Performance Max campaigns. Get up-to-date information on Performance Max here.

While Smart Shopping is great for some businesses, its performance doesn’t compensate for its weaknesses. Smart Shopping uses a ‘black box’ approach, meaning you don’t get the valuable data you need to maximize your campaigns.

Why A/B testing Smart Shopping campaigns can lead to invalid results

With Smart Shopping, you’re also unable to specify negative keywords, used to target profitable search times with greater accuracy.  Using negative keywords massively reduces wasted ad spend on irrelevant traffic.

“An automated solution will remove all of our previous campaign work”

Some advertisers worry that an automated solution removes any previous work done to the account and that their data will simply be gotten rid of.

Thankfully, this isn’t true: in our case, Bidnamic’s Data Analysts build campaigns within our clients’ accounts, informed by previous data. We do this to find the best approach to optimization. Any previous campaign optimization work and data associated with the account is retained and can be looked at for comparison purposes.

With Bidnamic, you won’t lose any of your previous work. You’ll also always have access to your Google Ads account, letting you access and see the campaigns for yourself whenever you want.

“I don’t want to risk not seeing an immediate improvement”

When changing management providers, there’s often a migration (or optimization) period. During this time, retailers may have to manage expectations, and will often not see results immediately.

While this might feel discouraging, new systems need time to analyze data and discover patterns in purchase behavior before it starts to make optimization decisions. The performance you see is then dependent on conversions you’re receiving, and it can take a short period of time for the changes to take effect.

What to expect in the first three months with Bidnamic

For most clients that we see, accounts start to show promising results after a migration period, and campaigns often perform better than ever.

Overall, changing your management provider doesn’t have to be high risk. With Bidnamic’s technology platform, data transparency is crucial to us, and our human touch allows us to ensure our clients are kept in the loop.

If you’re interested in maximizing your Google Shopping campaigns, book a demo with one of our specialists today.

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