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Having an effectively optimized Shopify landing page is essential for maximizing conversions and giving shoppers a great experience. There are lots of ways to get the most out of your Shopify landing pages, and each one’s worth looking into if you’re trying to maximize conversions.

Here’s what we recommend:

Focus on above-the-fold content

Your most important product information should appear before the fold, allowing shoppers to see what they need without having to scroll. 

Across all devices, you’ll want to prioritize your headline copy as well as visually engaging product images and a clear CTA that uses action-oriented language. This will help to immediately catch the eyes of shoppers and guide them towards conversion.

Use channel-specific landing pages

On Shopify, you can create multiple landing pages tailored to cater to different shopper needs and channels. As the shopper journey often varies by channel, specific landing pages allow you to optimize by traffic origin.

For example, our Discovery Pages are built with the Google Shopping journey in mind. These superfast landing pages are focused solely on product information, imagery, and conversion. This aligns with the Google Shopping journey and helps to streamline the purchase process. 

Building channel-specific landing pages can help you boost conversions by aligning the content with the referring source.

Establish emotional connections with shoppers

A good landing page resonates personally with users. To do this, address their pain points and demonstrate how your product can satisfy their needs.

The imagery you use combined with the messaging you deploy will have a large impact on this factor.

Offer relevant product alternatives

Oftentimes, shoppers exit your website before they find the right product for their needs. This doesn’t have to be the end: you can display relevant product recommendations, ideally above-the-fold, tailored to the individual shopper.

If they land on your website and don’t see exactly what they’re looking for, you have a chance at getting their interest in a product closely related to what they were looking for.

Use social proof to build trust

Displaying customer reviews on your landing page strengthens your credibility, and things like testimonials, guarantee badges, and refund policies can help, too.

These social proof elements help to increase shopper confidence in your brand, making it far more likely for them to purchase from you.

Streamline the purchase process

Reduce unnecessary friction from the purchase journey with short, simple forms and minimal required fields.

Checkout should be quick and seamless. Offering a variety of payment methods also works in your favor, as many shoppers will abandon their carts if the checkout doesn’t include their preferred payment method. 

Optimize page speed to reduce bounce rates

Page speed has a huge impact on bounce rates: the probability of bounce increases by 32% as page load time goes up from one second to three seconds.

We all know the frustration of slow loading speeds. Tackle this by minimizing and cutting out unnecessary assets and code to ensure fast loading times and a better browsing experience.

Continuously test and optimize

Use analytics to identify what’s working and what isn’t performing well and then optimize accordingly. You can use A/B tests to see which versions and combinations of assets work best to attract your audience. 

Optimization is an ongoing process, so checking in with your analytics on a regular basis is a must.

Utilize Bidnamic Discovery Pages

Our Discovery Pages tackle the two biggest challenges Shopify retailers face when it comes to landing pages: shoppers exiting your website before they’ve found the right product and slow page loading times.

Discovery Pages are designed for Google Shopping. We generate product intelligence for each product in your catalog and map connections between them. This allows us to offer relevant and accurate product recommendations, increasing the chance of conversion.

These landing pages are also superfast: we’ve cut out any weighty assets like unnecessary images and code so that shoppers get the fastest experience possible. 

You can learn more about Bidnamic Discovery Pages.

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