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Google has made it possible for UK and US users of the Merchant Center to tag on-sale or promotional items with custom labels, allowing discounts to be more visible on Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

What this means for advertisers

With this new update, users can see impressions and clicks for these on-sale items across ads and free product listings. This allows you to have a better understanding of your PPC campaign performance and helps you adjust promotions accordingly.

Google is also expanding their promotion features to cover more devices, allowing retailers to increase the reach of their promotions and encourage shoppers to buy, regardless of what surface they use to browse.

Products on-sale will now appear with an annotation on Google Images (mobile-only) and on local inventory ads. With local inventory ads, retailers have the opportunity to highlight contactless fulfillment options, such as curbside pickup, alongside their product promotions.

Google users can also select on-sale items as a filter option, which has added to the many ways in which consumers can find exactly what they need. This also helps retailers gain more visibility for their promotions and attract deal-seekers.

Are you making the most of custom labels on Google Shopping?

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Promotions are approved at a quicker rate

Google has made steps to apply promotions to items faster, as well as made the editing of promotions easier than ever.

The average approval time for on-sale items has been reduced from days to hours, allowing you to react to a rapidly changing market and take advantage of seasonality to attract the most customers to your business. 

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Tom Cross

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