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The Bidnamic service

What's it like working with Bidnamic?

Human Expertise

We know that no one knows your business like you do, which is why we keep you and your brand expertise at the heart of decision-making. Happy clients feel their Client Success Manager is like an extension of their in-house team.

Bidnamic's offering is a SaaS, or a 'software as a service'. There's plenty of reasons why our technology gives retailers an unfair advantage on Google Shopping, but part of what makes us different from other automated approaches is the 'human thinking' side of Bidnamic.

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What sets Bidnamic apart from the competition?

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What's the onboarding procedure like?

Once you've signed your contract, our Data Analysts are hard at work verifying your conversion tracking pixels, and setting up our campaigns in your Google Ads account - don't worry, we won't remove yours! This process takes around five working days, so sit back and relax while the burdens of managing Google Shopping are gradually taken off your shoulders.

During your kick-off call, you will be introduced to the unique team who will handle your account including your Client Success Manager and Data Analyst as well as the CFO and Head of Client Success. The kick-off call covers your goals with respect to ROAS and ad spend, the blockers we've found to be limiting your success on Google Shopping, and an outline of expectations for the first 120 days (and 16 weekly calls) with Bidnamic.

Your Client Success Manager is available by email for any other concerns you may have, but you can always access your performance data from the dashboard available in your Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio). It's pulled straight from your Merchant Center account so you don't have to worry about receiving adjusted numbers. Remember that the data shown here may be delayed depending on your chosen attribution model!

Weekly calls with your Client Success Manager

During your first three months, your Client Success Manager schedules weekly check-in calls so you're never left in the dark. Later down the line, you can choose to reduce these calls to once every two weeks or monthly.

Usually, the call is between the point(s) of contact from the client's side and the Client Success Manager. However, depending on the agenda of your call, you may also be joined by your Data Analyst, a Data Scientist, or the Google Shopping Specialist who presented your audit.

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Building lasting relationships

We recognize that our platform might not be the right solution for everyone, and we work hard to make sure that we build relationships that stand the test of time. This process starts in our initial meetings, when we provide a free demo of our technology and explore how it might improve the performance of your Google Shopping campaigns.

We invest in providing potential clients with a free audit, delivered by our Data Analysts, to uncover your search term data and identify the optimization improvements that our platform will automatically deliver for you.

Clients can also benefit from these additional services:

  • Bing ads
  • Text ads
  • CSS (Comparison shopping service)

Our Technology

The complexity of managing Google Shopping has gone beyond what humans can manage. We overcome this by combining machine learning with human understanding.

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