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Printer consumables experts found revenue and visibility growth on Google Shopping with an automated solution

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Go Inks found Google Shopping success with a lower CPA
Go Inks found Google Shopping success with a lower CPA

The results

Revenue increased by 120% with a lower CPA

Comparing a five-month period to the previous five months, Go Inks saw a huge 120% increase in revenue and a 111% increase in conversions. ROAS also saw a 68% boost.

On top of that, Go Inks experienced a 49% increase in clicks, giving their visibility a boost. Both the revenue and visibility increases came at a cheaper CPA (38% cheaper), highlighting the cost-effective nature of our technology platform, and our ability to be efficient when it comes to how ad budget is allocated.

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The challenge

Targeting long-tail search queries while maximising revenue

Go Inks needed a Google Shopping management solution that would help to increase revenue on the channel and also provide transparent data. While revenue is a priority, Go Inks still needed this solution to be cost-effective to limit any potentially wasted ad spend.

The client also needed an automated solution to target long-tail search queries, since printer ink is a niche product. Go Inks needed to make sure the most interested shoppers were being targeted.

Go Inks found Google Shopping success with a lower CPA

We really appreciate the data that Bidnamic gives us access to, alongside their expertise in the world of Google Shopping. Bidnamic’s involvement has taken our Shopping campaigns from strength to strength.

Amir Bahrami

Company Director

The solution

Granular bidding, transparent data, and human expertise

Our machine learning platform is fully automated and runs 24/7. We bid at a granular SKU-level, allowing our technology to calculate the best possible price for a bid for maximum visibility. All data that we receive is passed on to our clients via Looker Studio as performance data is integral to campaign optimisation.

Our technology works to build an intent funnel that hones in on long-tail search queries, which is exactly what Go Inks needed to compete on Google Shopping. We couple this with human expertise and provide clients with campaign insights whenever it’s required, regularly acting as an extension of our client’s team.

Go Inks found Google Shopping success with a lower CPA

The scoop

With over 10 years of experience, Go Inks has you covered

UK-based company Go Inks specialises in high-quality ink and accessories for a huge range of printers. With over 10 years of experience in printer consumables, Go Inks has products for printers of different models and manufacturers, making them a popular destination.

Customer satisfaction is one of Go Inks’ main priorities. Customers looking for information on any of their products receive world-class service and Go Inks’ specialists are happy to assist whenever they’re needed.

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